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EXD Enclosures

EX D enclosures are any housings for electrical apparatus which are specifically designed to be flame-proof. They are ideal for a range of especially fire-hazard-sensitive applications, including on offshore rigs and in petrochemical plants. They’re meant to maintain electrical safety infrastructure in the case of an accident, as well as preventing damage to meters and devices. They are certified to EX, EX D, EX E under IEC or Atex to satisfy the highest standards for your project. At Rose Enclosures, we’ve divided our EX D enclosures into eleven categories, based on the type of apparatus they house. Whether you need to protect instrumentation or a whole control panel of switches, you’ll find what you need amongst this selection.


Junction box enclosure


Many of the models on these pages are designed as certified junction boxes also; enclosures which protect the vulnerable connections at critical points such as circuit breakers and selectors. They can be used as protective housing for control terminal boxes, where it’s essential to maintain the integrity and accessibility of the controls and indicators.


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