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Peltier technology

Ap­pli­ca­tion and func­tion

For the ac­tive cool­ing of cab­i­nets, op­er­at­ing and con­trol en­clo­sures, in­dus­trial PC´s, mon­i­tor and flat screen mon­i­tors this cool­ing sys­tems were de­vel­oped with Peltier. 3 types in 50 W, 100 W and 150 W cool­ing ca­pac­ity are avail­able. For the elec­tri­cal con­nec­tion at 24 V DC. The sim­ple as­sem­bly takes place by cutout in door, side wall, rear wall and roof of the en­clo­sure.


Peltier cool­ing sys­tems have many ad­van­tages com­pared to con­ven­tional com­pres­sor cool­ing sys­tem

  • com­pact de­sign
  • as­sem­bly in each po­si­tion, be­cause the units work with­out re­frig­er­ants
  • high ef­fi­ciency

The Peltier ef­fect is a thermo-elec­tri­cal pro­ce­dure named after the france physi­cist Peltier. A semi­con­duc­tor ma­te­r­ial is used which is caused with ap­pro­pri­ate dot­ing by cur­rent guid­ance the change of the en­ergy state by charge car­ri­ers and thus used to the trans­port of the heat.

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Tech­ni­cal data

Operating temperature,-20°C to +60°C”
Nominal voltage 24 V
Ingress protection IP 54

Prod­uct range

Order no. Type Cooling capacity Nominal voltage Nominal currency
83.10 03 01 RPK 50 50 W 24 V DC 2,5 A
83.10 03 02 RPK 100 100 W 24 V DC 4,8 A
83.10 03 03 RPK 150 150 W 24 V DC 6,5 A